Here’s a list-based article that doesn’t lead with three paragraphs of waste. Enjoy.


Looking at a site and wonder what font it’s using? This handy Chrome extension will tell you.

Eye Dropper

Same as WhatFont but for hex codes.


Like a site? WhatCMS will tell you what CMS it’s running on.

WordPress Theme Search

If WhatCMS told you “WordPress” figure out which theme the site’s using with WordPress Theme Search.


Find out what trackers are running on any site. Ghostery’s useful for obvious reasons, but it can be particularly helpful in identifying what digital marketing tools a company might be using (that you want to use too).

Email Permutator & LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Know someone’s name and where they work but not the format of their email? Email Permutator can give 20 or so of the most common. Run it, copy and paste the results into an email and then hover over each email until LinkedIn Sales Navigator confirms a match.